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Sales Agents for Safety Shoes

 Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

 Pezzol Industries Srl

Pezzol Industries Srl is an Italian company universally recognized since 1950s for its manufacturing excellence of ‘Made in Italy’ safety shoes.

The company is also praised as leaders in great design and technical innovation, with full awareness of the international standards and their future developments.

Nowadays the company represents one of the most prestigious and appreciated brands in the field of work footwear, a brand sustained by a prominent background and by a masterly combination of tradition and technology “Made in Italy”.

We are looking for multifirm independent commercial agents, motivated and autonomous, to sale our products and develop our brand in the following countries:


      -   Germany / North-West: 1 Sales Agent

      -   Germany / North-East: 1 Sales Agent

      -   France: 2 Sales Agents (France Est)

      -   Denmark:  2 Sales Agents

      -   Sweden: 1 Sales Agent 

      -   Norway: 1 Sales Agent

      -   Finland: 1 Sales Agent

      -   The Netherlands: 1 Sales Agent

      -   Luxemburg: 1 Sales Agent

      -   Hungary: 1 Sales Agent

      -   Poland: 1 Sales Agent

      -   Romania: 1 Sales Agent

      -   Czech Republic: 1 Sales Agent

      -   Slovakia: 1 Sales Agent

      -   Spain: 3 Sales Agent (Estremadura – Castiglia-La Mancia – Andalusia – Murcia – Comunidad Valenciana)

      -   Portugal: 1 Sales Agent


The ideal candidate would be a multifirm independent commercial agent who already has an experience and an existing customer database in PPE and safety environment interested in including Pezzol safety shoes to its existing product portfolio.

 He/she would be a sale representative of Pezzol with his/her own autonomous characteristics.

This offer is exclusively on commission base (% to be applied to every order).

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