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Sales Agents for Packaging

 Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland

 GEP Štalekar d.o.o


GEP STALEKAR d.o.o. is a 30-year old Slovenian company, producing all kinds of packaging in an offset printing quality for the worldwide expanded industries (pharmacy, automotive, food and textile industry,...).
We constantly invest into new technologies and knowledge. We grow regularly (since y. 2009) for around 30% a year. We have nowadays 135 employees and produce around 500 million different packagings per year. Our capacities increase constantly. We definitely can provide you a constant service, very good prices, full support and the highest quality; the one that you definitely deserve.

We have the most contemporary equipment (5 newest Offset printing machines, 5 die-cutting lines, 5 gluing lines including Braille), our own well equipped pre-press and development department and our own transportation fleet. We have a possibility to produce a high-leveled packaging including operations like: Hot-Foil stamping, UV print and UV varnishing, Security printing, Embossing, Braille on all sides of the box,...) etc.

We are producing more than 45% of our products for the foreign markets; like: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Croatia and Serbia (former Yugoslavia). 75% of our portfolio is nowadays fulfilled with the packaging for the pharmaceutical industry and the rest is divided to packaging for automotive industry, food industry, textile industry and others.

We own an ISO 9001 Certificate since y.2004, a FSC and PEFC Certificates since y. 2014. We plan to gain ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and BRC within the year 2020-2021

We would like you to provide you a chance to be able to personally present our company, our abilities and our quality.

We are more than sure that GEP STALEKAR can give our new costumers an advantage in the market.

We have lots of experience and we breathe with the future.

With GEP Stalekar you can't go wrong; we have the tradition and we have new ideas. All in one. And we know what we are doing. You are welcome to visit us in person or simply on web:

If you would like to represent our service and would like to become a new member of our team in the packaging level, we are kindly asking you to give us a short feedback if you would be interested into starting a collaboration with a new packaging supplier.

You are welcome to visit us.

Thank you for your reply.

Best regards from Slovenia,

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