Representatives Leather Industry



DERCOSA worldwide. We are looking for Representatives.Founded in 1972, DERCOSA was created with the intention of generating value with the by-products of the meat and leather industry. It was originally intended to be a collagen processing plant for the cosmetic industry, but the already established...


Sales Agents Hospitality Sector


Symo Parasols

Symo Parasols is expert in professional parasols since 1932. During these past  80 years, we supplied more than 1.000.000 pieces to 42 countries. Our mission is to upgrade “parasology”.  For us, parasology is the science to develop and manufacture the best possible...


Distributors Agents Healt Care Water Treatment


Adept Water Technologies

We are a Danish manufacturer of high-end equipment for infection control.  BacTerminator® Health Care – super-oxidised and disinfected water for health care and hygienic purposes An easy and cost-effective means of obtaining water of high hygienic quality – no bottle storage...


Agents Distributors Apparel


Cara Moda O

Cara Moda OÜ is an Estonian company and our trade mark is Caramel Moda®. Caramel Moda® brand has been dressing demanding women already over 10 years. Cara Moda OÜ still wants to make well designed and comfortable clothes for adult women. We want to invest in high-quality...


Agents Diamond Tools for stone, bulding, and ceramic sector.


Diamond Service Srl

Looking for sales agents for diamond tool for stone, bulding, and ceramic sector. Our company's name is Diamond Service Srl, a modern factory manufacturing diamond tools and segments since 1973 and up to now is exporting all over Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia. Its Head-Quarters are at 50...


Sales Representatives Telecommunications Equipment IP Routers Hardware



Teldat is a pioneering Telecommunications Manufacturer who has a global mission of developing and manufacturing IP equipment for data, voice, and image transmission. Teldat is an International organization with its HO in Madrid and branch offices in Barcelona, Lisbon and Miami. The rest of the world...


Sales Representatives Electric Motors and Pumps


Karb Italia Srl

  Italian manufacturer of Electric Motors and pumps looking to establish long-term relationships with independent sales representatives. We are an Italian manufacturer of electric motors and pumps.  Our range is composed of: Submersible pumps Boosters sets Self priming...


Distributors Agents Internal Stables


Loddon Equestrian Ltd

Loddon Equestrian are manufacturers of ‘World Class’ internal stables. Established in 1960, we are synonymous with luxury heritage and authentic craftsmanship. Our purpose built manufacturing facility enables all components to be fabricated in-house and many of our highly skilled...


Sales Agents Additives and Pharmaceuticals



Vitafor was founded in Antwerp, Belgium in 1974. Initially, Vitafor traded in feed additives in the Benelux and German markets but thanks to rapidly increasing global demand Vitafor quickly became a world player.In 1993 Vitafor opened its first production facility of premixes and LOW DUST...


Agents Transfer Money


Ria Financial Services

Ria Financial Services is one of the largest money transfer companies in the world. Since 1987 we have provided a cost effective, secure and fast alternative to send money worldwide.
 Thanks to our agents and their customers, Ria has emerged as a global leader in remittances and is recognized...


Agents Ejector and Vacuum System



KARAJET® is a highly vibrant, innovative company and pioneer manufacturer of Ejector and Vacuum System in Middle-East. Since 1995 our company is raring to go by innovative solution for every problem, with hand-picked elites from highly venerable academic sources. Due to having an insatiable...


Distributors Agents Fragrances Marketing


Air Aroma

Our goal is to become world’s most famous scent marketing company and brand. Although we are already highly regarded and seen as the international leader in providing scent marketing solutions, fragrances and technologies, we believe in there is room to grow and some markets are still...


Sales Agents Industrial Glassware


Moores Glassworks

SEEKING EUROPEAN SALES AGENTS Moores Glassworks is a world renowned industrial glassware manufacturer, with a reputation for high quality and high performance industrial glassware. We have been supplying products and components to industries throughout the UK and Europe, and around the world, for...


Sales and Distribution Agents Water Treatment


Aqua-sol Engineering

Aqua-sol Engineering is a young dynamic Irish owned company at the forefront of technological advances in water. The company is based in County Wexford with its own manufacturing facilities and has developed and patented a revolutionary pressure filter that offers significant technical and...


Distributors Agents Skin Care Products


Volcanic Earth

Volcanic Earth® skin care products are for discerning buyers who are looking for organic skin care products of high quality that repair, rejuvenate and protect their skin against the ravages of modern day living. Importer/Distributor Agents Sought - Worldwide Studies have shown that the average...


Sales Agents Furniture


Distinctive Chesterfields

Here at Distinctive Chesterfields, we strive to create some of the most luxurious sofas available anywhere in the world. With offices in the USA, Japan, Sweden, Germany and Australia, we have grown significantly, allowing us to ship these luxurious products all over the world, so wherever you may...


Sales Reps Zapplight Bulbs



Based in the USA, we are a global supplier of Zapplight bulbs; a brand new range of innovatively designed bug zapping LED light bulbs, providing energy efficient home lighting (600LM) and clinically proven to protect homes from mosquitoes that carry Zika virus, west nile and dengue fever. Attractive...


Sales Reps Apparel


Apparel Marketing

Our company represents apparel manufacturers from all over the world that are looking for the best apparel sales reps. We've been in business since 1990 and have a multifaceted client list. Our clients include very established companies as well as startup firms that are interested in improving...


Sales Agents Electrical Energy Industries



We are part of KONČAR group, the leading regional manufacturer of electronics equipment and electric energy facilities. We specialize in the area of Energy and Transportation. Our Production program includes converters and control systems for railway vehicles, DC and AC UPS, static excitation...


Sales Reps Professional and Hobby Substrates for Agriculture


Sudest Europe Srl

Sudest Europe srl, leadership in Italian and European market and producer of Professional and Hobby Substrates for agriculture for over 20 years, is seeking Sales Representatives for free areas in: Europe North Africa Asia United States of America Job Requirements: Experience in the...


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