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Jobs for Sales Agents in Denmark

 Company: Cristofoletti Lamiere Srl
Job Title: Sales Agent For High Thickness Oxyfuel Cut Parts
Category/Industry: Trading and Cutting of Heavy Steel Plates

We are a company situated in the Brescia (Italy) area, which operates in the steel cutting sector ... [view full description]

 Company: Alemar Srl
Job Title: Sales Agents Textile
Category/Industry: Textiles & Textile finishing

Alemar, with a consolidated corporate structure into a solid business plan, represents the evolution ... [view full description]

 Company: ROMEX MB GmbH
Job Title: Consulting & Sales of synthetic resin coatings
Category/Industry: Synthetic Resin Floor Coatings

With CERTAINTY for your personal success! The ROMEX« company group is a successful family business, ... [view full description]

 Company: Nipha Group of Industries
Job Title: Sales Agent - Contract Manufacturing for OEMs
Category/Industry: Agricultural Machinery - Railway Track Industry

NIPHA is a 50 Year old Company manufacturing components for Agricultural Machinery. It is an ISO ... [view full description]

 Company: Naturestyle
Job Title: Sales Directors
Category/Industry: Cars - Motorcycles - Products - Parts and Accessories

Naturestyle is a Czech manufacturer of fuel conditioner pills for diesel and petrol fuels, ... [view full description]

 Company: Irinox Spa
Job Title: Agents research for stainless steel enclosures
Category/Industry: Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosures

IRINOX is one of the main player in the market of stainless steel electrical enclosures for ... [view full description]

 Company: Senor Metals Pvt Ltd
Job Title: Sales Agents
Category/Industry: Metals, precious and special

Senor Metals Pvt Ltd Manufacturers of welding and Brazing consumables, EDM wires and Brass components ... [view full description]

 Company: Baltic Sales Agency
Job Title: Sales Director
Category/Industry: Business Services

Baltic Sales Agency(BSA) is looking for Sales Director who will be responsible for identifying ... [view full description]

 Company: Nutis Srl
Job Title: Sales Agents
Category/Industry: Coffee

Nutis srl is an international company, one of the best Italian coffee roasting company. Nutis ... [view full description]

 Company: Tessitura F.lli Gelmi Srl
Job Title: Commercial Agents Visual Communication
Category/Industry: Marketing, Advertising & the Media

Tessitura Flli Gelmi srl is an Italian company based in Bergamo.We are leader in visual communication, ... [view full description]

 Company: TorcUP Inc.
Job Title: Distributor - Sales Agent Industrial Bolting Tools
Category/Industry: Oil & Gas - Mining - Power Generation - Manufacturing

TorcUP is a USA manufacturer of Industrial Bolting Tools used for tightening and loosening ... [view full description]

 Company: AIRTUNE - the air purifier
Job Title: Sales Agent or Reps for innovative odour removal t
Category/Industry: Cars and Motorcycle ľ Products, Parts and accessories

Let us provide you with a breath of fresh air? AIRTUNE. The innovative air purifier for your ... [view full description]

 Company: Steelcast Limited
Job Title: Sales representative to Market Steel Castings
Category/Industry: Steel & Alloy

We wish to recruite Technical Sales Representatives in the Europian Countries to Market Steel & ... [view full description]

 Company: Arte Pura
Job Title: Sales Agents Home Textile
Category/Industry: Textile

Arte Pura is the Made in Italy high quality home textile brand of Daniela Dallavalle SpA Company ... [view full description]

 Company: Purehold
Job Title: Sales Agents Cleaning Supplies Food Industry
Category/Industry: Cleaning ľ Products, machinery and equipment

WHAT WE SELL: We supply a Hygienic Door Handle (called the Hygiene Handle) that automatically ... [view full description]

 Company: SBE-Varvit Spa
Job Title: Sales Agents Bolts and Nuts
Category/Industry: Bolts and Nuts - Construction Division

SBE VARVIT ľ CONSTRUCTION is a division of the Vescovini Group, one of the European leaders ... [view full description]

 Company: IBG Flexible Packaging (Industrial Bolsera Granadina, S.A)
Job Title: Agents - Reps and Dealers for Flexible Packaging
Category/Industry: Flexible Packaging Film Manufacturer

Who we are: We are a leading Spanish company manufacturing flexible packaging in film for ... [view full description]

 Company: Unifamily Srl
Job Title: Sales Agents, Custodians,Dealers
Category/Industry: Baby products, Electromedical

We are looking for sales agents , dealers and custodians to sell our baby products and electromedicals. ... [view full description]

 Company: Dycem Contamination Control
Job Title: Sales Representatives
Category/Industry: Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

At Dycem, we understand the importance of having hard working, innovative and dedicated partners ... [view full description]

 Company: Task Consumer Products Limited
Job Title: Sales Agents - Disposable Paper Products
Category/Industry: Disposable Paper Products

Task Consumer products are one of the UK's leading independent manufacturers of disposable paper products Operating ... [view full description]

 Company: Havic Kantoormeubelen
Job Title: Sales Agents Office Furniture
Category/Industry: Office Furniture

Havic Office Furniture is a Dutch company with a passion for office furniture. We are looking ... [view full description]

 Company: Kamyanka Global Wine
Job Title: Wine Sales Agents
Category/Industry: Wine and Spirits

Kamyanka Global Wine is an international wine and alcoholic beverage company, with its production ... [view full description]

 Company: SMART&NICE Wall Decorations
Job Title: Sales Agents and Distributors Wall Home Decor
Category/Industry: Wall Home Decor for Stationary or Decoupage Shops

SMART&NICE is a brand which since more than 10 years is recognized as synonymous of design ... [view full description]

 Company: Led Global
Job Title: Sales Representatives Wanted Throughout Europe
Category/Industry: Lighting

Sales agents wanted to sell and promote our LED vehicle lighting in the UK and throughout Europe ... [view full description]

 Company: Vinirette
Job Title: Sales Agents - Regional Managers for e-Cigarettes
Category/Industry: Tobacco and smokers items

VINIRETTE is a Germany based e-cigarette company and wholesaler specialized in manufacturing ... [view full description]

 Company: Tirupati Commodities P Ltd
Job Title: Sales Agents
Category/Industry: Manufacturing of Various Jute Products

Tirupati Commodities P Ltd is part of PUNRASAR GROUP. The group is one of the largest producer ... [view full description]

 Company: Global Logistic Express Srl
Job Title: Sales Agents
Category/Industry: Transports and Logistics Services

Global Logistic Express Srl is an Italian Logistic and Transport Company, that is watching a ... [view full description]

 Company: Cosmoworker
Job Title: Sales Representative (plastic building materials)
Category/Industry: Construction ľ Products, machinery and equipment

Cosmoworker is a certified, international employment agency. Since 2006 we have been successfully ... [view full description]

 Company: SP Metallo Srl
Job Title: Sales Agent/Dealer for Office Furniture
Category/Industry: Metal Frame Producer for Office Furniture Industry

We are looking for partner producers for wooden office furnitures to supply them metal parts to complete ... [view full description]

 Company: Lighting and Ceiling Louvres Ltd
Job Title: Sales Agents B2B Lighting - Louvres and Reflectors
Category/Industry: Lighting

We are looking for sales agents to represent our manufacturing facility in the UK producing LED Luminaires, ... [view full description]

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