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Jobs for Sales Agents in Italy

 Company: Tecnia Automatizacion Slu
Job Title: Agentes Comerciales Maquinas
Category/Industry: Maquinaria Envases Flexibles

- Fabricación de maquinaria para la introducción de envases flexibles y tarrinas en bandejas-contenedores ... [view full description]

 Company: PPS Ltd (Professional Protection Systems)
Job Title: Sales Agents Protective Clothing Chemical, Nuclear
Category/Industry: Protective and work clothing

Exciting and Interesting Product Range from established UK Manufacturer VersarPPS is a ... [view full description]

 Company: SMART&NICE
Job Title: Sales Agents - Sales Representative and Distributors
Category/Industry: Wall Decor

SMART&NICE is a brand which since more than 10 years is recognized as synonymous of design ... [view full description]

 Company: Anita Decor
Job Title: Sales Agents Wanted & Decorative Items
Category/Industry: Furniture - accessories and decorative objects

We are a polish company selling home and garden items. All the items are hand made in Poland.Very good ... [view full description]

 Company: CoupTec Kupplungstechnik GmbH
Job Title: Handelsvertretung Sicherheitskupplungen etc.
Category/Industry: Hersteller von Sicherheitskupplungen

Wanted sales representatives for safety couplings CoupTec is a young, dynamic and rapidly growing ... [view full description]

 Company: XPOOOS The Art of Socks
Job Title: Sales Agents of XPOOOS The Art of Socks
Category/Industry: Textiles & Textile finishing

XPOOOS, the Art of Socks, is looking for Sales Partners! Are you interested to build a unique ... [view full description]

 Company: Fenoplástica Lights & Electrics, S.L.
Job Title: Sales Agents
Category/Industry: Electricity

Fenoplastica is a company dedicated to the sale and production of electrical material and ... [view full description]

 Company: Erbenobili Srl
Job Title: Sales Agents - Distributors
Category/Industry: Herbolist''s Shop

Erbenobili Spagyric Lab, herbal company with twenty-five years of experience with a production laboratory ... [view full description]

 Company: Accesorios De Fijacion S.L
Job Title: Metalic Anchor For Refractory Linning-Stud Welding
Category/Industry: Industry – Products, Machinery and Equipment

ACFI since 1994 is leader in the production and welding by stud welding of: • METALIC ANCHORS ... [view full description]

 Company: Confidential
Job Title: Agent
Category/Industry: Furniture - accessories and decorative objects

Leading innovative start-up in the furniture industry / attractive field An innovative French ... [view full description]

 Company: Vac-Tron Equipment
Job Title: Sales Agents
Category/Industry: Construction – Products, machinery and equipment

Looking for sales agents to sell the Vac-Tron product line in European markets. Vac-Tron is the ... [view full description]

 Company: ŠTRUKELJ MIT d.o.o.
Job Title: Sales Agents Furniture
Category/Industry: Furniture

Company ŠTRUKELJ MIT is the manufacturer of SOFO upholstered furniture & contract furniture and ... [view full description]

 Company: JSC - EKO PIRK
Job Title: Sales Agents for Coconut Oil and Himalayan Salt
Category/Industry: Organic Food Products

We spicialize in coconut oil production (both edible and cosmetic). Also we produce Himalayan salt ... [view full description]

 Company: RINZ ROS d.o.o.
Job Title: Sales Agent and Representative
Category/Industry: Ergonomic Hand Tools EFEKT

WE ARE LOOKING FOR Representative or Agent For each and all European and Scandinavian ... [view full description]

 Company: Aluminati Skateboards
Job Title: Sales Agent Licensed Sporting Goods
Category/Industry: Sport – Clothing, articles and accessories

Aluminati Skateboards has licenses to produce skateboards for teams in the NBA, NHL and over 80 colleges ... [view full description]

 Company: Olifu GmbH
Job Title: Contract dealer for toys & games
Category/Industry: Educational Toys & Games - Self developed

Self - Employed Field Representative (m/f) - Take a look: - Are you self-employed, but not ... [view full description]

 Company: African Beverages Company Ltd
Job Title: Agents Commerciaux y/o Apporteurs d'Affaires
Category/Industry: Brewery - Brasseries

AFRICAN BEVERAGES COMPANY LTD, a company specialising in the trade of alcoholic beverages, seeks ... [view full description]

 Company: MJ Design & Display
Job Title: Sales Representative - Germany based
Category/Industry: Exhibitions Stands

GERMAN BASED SALES REPRESENTATIVE - MJ DESIGN & DISPLAY JOB TITLE: Sales Representative ... [view full description]

 Company: Igoe International Ltd
Job Title: Sales Agents Roofing Industry
Category/Industry: Construction – Products, machinery and equipment

Agents required in most European countries for our unique american made silicone waterproofing product ... [view full description]

 Company: Unifamily Srl
Job Title: Distributors for Baby Products
Category/Industry: Equipment & Medical Devices

Unifamily Ltd is an Italian company in constant evolution, which distributes baby products and medical ... [view full description]

 Company: Elsner Engineering
Job Title: Sales Representative
Category/Industry: Packaging

Worlds leading manufacturer of web based converting equipment seeks commissioned representatives ... [view full description]

 Company: GDS Lighting Srl
Job Title: Commercial Agents and Importers
Category/Industry: Lighting

GDS Lighting is an experienced comapny based in Italy as part of branch of GDS Group. Estabilished ... [view full description]

 Company: Olive Srl
Job Title: Agents and Sales Reps
Category/Industry: Puericulture - Biological - Health

We are Olive Srl an italia company operating in the field of biological products and baby care, ... [view full description]

 Company: Cristofoletti Lamiere Srl
Job Title: Sales Agent For High Thickness Oxyfuel Cut Parts
Category/Industry: Trading and Cutting of Heavy Steel Plates

We are a company situated in the Brescia (Italy) area, which operates in the steel cutting sector ... [view full description]

 Company: Alemar Srl
Job Title: Sales Agents Textile
Category/Industry: Textiles & Textile finishing

Alemar, with a consolidated corporate structure into a solid business plan, represents the evolution ... [view full description]

 Company: Nipha Group of Industries
Job Title: Sales Agent - Contract Manufacturing for OEMs
Category/Industry: Agricultural Machinery - Railway Track Industry

NIPHA is a 50 Year old Company manufacturing components for Agricultural Machinery. It is an ISO ... [view full description]

 Company: Naturestyle
Job Title: Sales Directors
Category/Industry: Cars - Motorcycles - Products - Parts and Accessories

Naturestyle is a Czech manufacturer of fuel conditioner pills for diesel and petrol fuels, ... [view full description]

 Company: Senor Metals Pvt Ltd
Job Title: Sales Agents
Category/Industry: Metals, precious and special

Senor Metals Pvt Ltd Manufacturers of welding and Brazing consumables, EDM wires and Brass components ... [view full description]

 Company: Baltic Sales Agency
Job Title: Sales Director
Category/Industry: Business Services

Baltic Sales Agency(BSA) is looking for Sales Director who will be responsible for identifying ... [view full description]

 Company: Nutis Srl
Job Title: Sales Agents
Category/Industry: Coffee

Nutis srl is an international company, one of the best Italian coffee roasting company. Nutis ... [view full description]

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