Job Reference Code 0077255981

Sales Agent B2B for Vegan Health


 ProviThor B.V.

We are looking for sales agents who will receive commission from every order of every (business)-customer the sales agent will acquire, unlimited in duration and amount.

We pay 20% of the ordered and paid net value.

We will train you and explain all the benefits of the product that is a unique brand and has very few competitors, yet.

Target groups are:
* bio/organic/vegan shops, online and offline
* healing centers and health care professionals
* wellness / health focused hotels and ressorts

You can start immediately after the basic training and build up a sustainable and steadily growing income with a 100% natural, living organic food product!

We loolk forward to your application. Experience with selling live food is apreciated, but not necessary.

This offer is for all motivated people, independent of their background, as long as they are willing to dedicate their time and attention to the product and the benefits of it. Anyway, every agent must have a permission to work as "self employed" in the Netherlands.

We pay a commission, no salary!

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